SMS text messaging

Short Message Service or SMS messaging available for customer retention/promotion and MMS multimedia messaging service available where we film on site to obtain footage to use. Understand the differences in the two platforms. We offer sale incentives, notifications, owner interviews and video testimonials from clients of your business or group. Text graphics, video animation and voice-overs available in your “product message” all customized for you. Fact is, it works!


Some words used in slang for text messaging is shown here to be trend text savvy and keep you up to date on the latest to be hip with your audience. Using multimedia for text messaging is also possible with multimedia MMS platform service which incorporates many video options.

(See of Monterey for custom videos to dominate in search and in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). At EWS and World-Going-Mobile, we offer video hosting, mobile websites, Mobile apps with Push Notification feature Punch Reward cards for customer loyalty. Also YouTube channels built for you with custom thumbnail pics, text or logo).

Call 831 624 7452 for an immediate quote in obtaining Multimedia Message Service and video.
Learn the variety available, including custom mobile apps, MMS and SMS messaging. Offer it free to patrons or inexpensively to newcomers and keep customer retention high.

Related pics, motion Text, color backgrounds, PowerPoint slides, text with Video or image, and figure Animation…all possible in today’s design world of creating video ads for your business using SMS Push button branding, and YouTube keyword search by consumers to your website and video.

Short Messaging Service
Monterey County and
Santa Cruz, California


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